Saturday, 29 November 2008

Things Are Looking Up

This is a photo of my Mum (right) with her sister (left) back home after her operation. She looks remarkably well for someone who has just had a tumour removed - if fact I'm not sure I've seen her smile so broadly for a long time! I think it must be a big relief to be out of hospital and I think she was very touched because my aunt flew out from Florida just to see her and be with her.

The surgeon said that the tumour was 2cm in size and he felt confident he had removed it all. We still need to find out if it is malignant. This is likely, but we are expecting to learn that it is a low grade, Oa or 1a. There are four grades of cancer, 1-4 and the higher the number, the more advanced and aggressive it is. So this would be good news.

Incidentally, would you believe that Mum is now in her sixties? She's very fit and trim.

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