Saturday, 23 October 2010

Happy Days!

Great news! Ed and I are getting married!

He popped the question on holiday in Gozo, the little island next to Malta, in what is undoubtedly the finest restaurant on the Maltese islands, Ta' Frenc. The place has the look of a roman villa with a beautifully-kept herb garden with a statue in it and palm trees. Too expensive for anything but a special treat, but the food is a bit special and the service is excellent. Though we'd been to Gozo before together (this was the third time), this was the first time we'd been to Ta' Frenc.

It might sound strange given previous posts, but I wasn't expecting the proposal at that particular moment. To explain: I had just achieved my PADI Open Water over three days, which was very intense, doing exercises and dives during the day and studying until midnight each night. I was exhausted and pleased with my achievement. Taking a mask off at depth underwater, swimming for a distance and then refilling it with air, for example, is one of the tasks you must accomplish - this is daunting. Such was the intensity of my underwater experience and the hard work I had put in, I was relieved to be doing something different and figured the meal out was a celebration of my achievement. Thus, I was actually a little surprised when he knelt down on one knee and opened a small box with a ring.

I think I said, "Oh really?"

He smiled and asked, "Will you marry me?"
"Of course." I replied, without missing a beat.

He ordered champagne, which seemed appropriate, and we enjoyed a pleasant meal outside under the palm trees, chatting about places we might go on our honeymoon and when we might get married.

I thought to myself: this was worth waiting for.