Saturday, 25 July 2009

Woooooh! We had an offer accepted! It is a 2 bedroomed cottage originally built in the 1850s to house railway workers. The old part of the house is pretty tiny, but it does have this fabulous kitchen extension with a partially glazed roof. There are 2 woodburners downstairs and 2 fireplaces upstairs and oak floors almost everywhere. It is efficient to heat. The kitchen is lovely and light.

The south-facing garden has a lawn, a pond, a marble table and a number of trees - pear, apple, cherry, eucalyptus and some overgrown budleias that should provide fuel for the woodburners!!

Ed and I are super-happy! When we made the offer, the vendors hadn't made an offer on anywhere themselves, which was a bit worrying. But now they've made an offer, it's been accepted and it's chain-free. So we're hoping that the process will go smoothly and we'll be able to move in sometime in September.

Yeah! Exciting times!! Our own house! It is not a large house, nor does it have a large garden, but it has everything we need to be happy.

We have been offered furniture donations from friends and family, which will come in really handy, but still need to buy a bed and a few other things, like a washing machine. We're looking at selling a few things we no longer need to give us extra space.

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