Monday, 7 July 2008

Enlightenment in Swampy Sandals

Well, life continues as normal. For me that means cancelling a canoeing trip with friends, because it's too damn stormy. Instead, I head out to an alternative spiritual show out on a field that is normally a racecourse. I'm not hugely into hippy-dippy spiritual stuff, but I'm interested. I try to enter with an open mind. I guess I've experienced a few strange things that seem to go beyond mere coincidence, things that can't be explained - nor explained away.

The weather is pretty powerful and I am so glad we decided not to head out in our little canoes. We really would be at the mercy of the elements. I optimistically wear my 'action sandals', because I've become used to wearing open shoes through the summer and at least these have a good tread if it's a bit muddy. Actually, it's so wet the ground is saturated and swamplike that my feet are wet through. It's so windy, the outside stalls seem very much in danger of becoming airbourne and the ones that have instruments take on a rhythm of their own.

Despite that, I have an interesting time, including a deep and meaningful with my friend's Mum, who seem to have a breakthrough while we were talking to her. My friend - who seems far more intuitive than me with crystals - chooses a couple that she thinks will be helpful to me. A blue-grey calcite and a rose-quartz stick. They seem gentle, revitalising and kind.

Later that night, I read my friend's Mum's tarot for her - using a book to make sense of the symbols. The cards seem to have a message for her that fits with the deep and meaningful we had earlier. I fall asleep with the rose quartz crystal in my hand.

Ciarin, meanwhile, rides his bike with mates through Cornwall. But the weather makes the trip much more hazardous and less fun. I am relieved and happy to see him. I get the sense of someone who knows me so well and loves me easily. His beard is starting to take shape. It has definition and form. I see someone who is deep-rooted and powerful, who doesn't apologise for who they are. This makes me feel proud of him and happy.

He has toothache and I try fixing it with a bit of hands-on healing. I don't know if I help him, but I end up restless and sick myself. Perhaps it backfired. ;-)

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