Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Au Revoir

I brought his things over to the boat. I came to say good-bye.

I felt better after speaking with him. I felt that actually he knew too that the break up was absolutely the right thing: probably we should have done it a while ago, but the truth is we weren't ready until we were ready. Well, truthfully, it took some stupid incident to push us in the right direction. As he says, it was a catalyst for what needed to happen.

He has been very sure about one thing: that he wants us to be friends if possible. I didn't think that was a good idea, but I listened and thought about it. You know what, maybe it could work. It would be lovely to keep some of the connection we've had with one another - one that his been built out of truth and respect and care. I came to say good-bye, but ended up saying Au Revoir - see you later.

I feel I am in the process of finding my feet again. (I literally had trouble with this on Sunday after meeting Esther Rantzen - lost my balance and fell into an oak bench. I have the most wonderful, dappled, red and purple bruise.)

My mind is clearer, my heart less heavy.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it. I've been reading your blog for while now. You sounded happy. Wish you all the best.

Charlie Bluefish said...

Thanks, anonymous, for your kind thoughts.